Daytrotter Session - Apr 4, 2013

Matthewdavid – Daytrotter Session – Apr 4, 2013
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Boats / Chrome Canyon
  3. Singing Flats / The Lines / Where I Wanna Be
  4. Stop And Realize / In My World / Saharan Cellphone RMX
  5. Truss / Diamond Ring

We only pick up on a small portion of all that’s out there. Our awareness is minimal, even if we hate to admit it. We’ve blocked most of everything out, choosing to stick to the streets and routes that we know best, rarely looking up or down to see what they’re made of, to witness everything about the experience of crossing town on them. We only occasionally let ourselves melt into our surroundings – to really lock in with a full-on awareness. We just keep drinking the water that we’re mostly made of, but never fully appreciate how odd that is. We should feel more watery and splashed upon than we do.

Matthewdavid music comes to us in the manner of a dunking, a breath-taking acknowledgement that there’s more than just the self to think about and care for. These strange concoctions are wet explorations of just what it means to not just be overwhelmed by the grandiosity of living, but to fully analyze and appreciate that very claustrophobic realization. It’s a sensation of feeling like there are possibilities growing on trees, as if everything were fruit-bearing and always in-season, but then knowing that there is really no way of knowing what you’re plucking from those branches and knowing that you can never put any of it back on the tree, once it’s in-hand. You’re going to have to bite in to see what you’ve got. It could be something to savor or something to spit the hell out, the second it touches the tongue and all of the receptors.

There’s awareness there. It’s about banging through the din. It’s about making those connections and closing the gaps. As Matthewdavid says here, mid-song, “Now, it’s so clear to me — like the brightest ray of sunshine. It hit me. Over the course of history, many philosophers, scientists, mathematicians, religious figures, prophets were trying to figure out how we can all just be as one, with all the disease, natural disaster and wars happening in this world – plaguing humanity. There must be a common thread to tie us all together.” Sure, there must be. It could be water.

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