Mitski Releases “Star” & “Heaven”

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Mitski Releases “Star” & “Heaven”

Mitski has released two new tracks from her forthcoming album The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We, out September 15 via Dead Oceans. Both songs were pieced together in small creative bursts over the years and have existed in the songstress’s imagination long before they were released in final form. “Star” is just as cosmic as its title suggests, bathed in showers of ethereal organ amidst a healthy dose of Mitski’s perennially-nostalgic ache. “Heaven” is folksy and unhurried, passionate and yearning. “Now I bend like a willow thinking of you/Like a murmuring brook curving about you,” Mitski sighs in her singularly heart-rending lilt.

Watch the lyric videos for both songs below:

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