Daily Dose: Mount Kimbie, “Dumb Guitar”

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Daily Dose: Mount Kimbie, “Dumb Guitar”

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What pray tell is a “dumb guitar”? In the minds of Mount Kimbie, the U.K. post-everything group who we last heard from in 2017 with their album Love What Survives, it becomes a symbol of a relationship on the rocks. One of the few things that one side of this couple can claim as their own. Or maybe it’s something that is the source of resentment between the two — as in: someone is spending all their time with that accursed instrument instead of with their partner.

Okay, all of that may be a stretch, but that’s how I’m reading this fantastic new single from the band, available today as a limited edition 7″. The song offers up small lyrical details of silent nights in bed or having a beautiful sunset ruined by the resentment building within these two people. The interplay of the vocals comes out as a flip on the “Don’t You Want Me” or “Nothing Better.” The narratives that the two vocalists are laying out don’t seem to be conflicting, however. It sounds like two sides of the same coin. The end is in sight for this coupling and they are simply reading off the signs along the journey to the finish line.

Along with this new single, Mount Kimbie are announcing a new run of tour dates set to kick off in Copenhagen next April. The band will eventually land in North America in May for a quick seven-date journey, with stops in L.A., San Francisco, Denver and Toronto before wrapping up on May 29 in New York.

Listen to “Dumb Guitar” below.

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