Exclusive: Hear Partner's Transcendent New Song "Angel's Wings"

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Exclusive: Hear Partner's Transcendent New Song "Angel's Wings"

Canadian rockers Partner have a new record on the way, Saturday the 14th, which is, funnily enough, not out on the 14th nor a Saturday. It arrives Friday, April 5 on Father Daughter Records and You’ve Changed, but we’ve got an exclusive peek in the form of new single “Angel’s Wings,” which, aside from here, will only be available on the physical versions of the EP. Listen below.

While Partner have spent most of their young career playing the garage rock field, “Angel’s Wings” takes a turn for the melodic. Based on a poem by Ceddric Sims, it’s a power ballad complete with triumphant strings, an electric guitar solo and some serious glam. But don’t mistake the bells and whistles for overzealousness—Partner never take themselves too seriously.

Best friends and musical (not romantic, mind you) partners Josée Caron and Lucy Nile released their first album as Partner, In Search of Lost Time, in September 2017. Here’s what the band said about the new tune:

“Angel’s Wings” is a song based on a poem by Cedric Sims. It is a collaboration in the style of Elton John and Bernie Taupin. It was also inspired by the grand themes and powerful performances found in Céline Dion songs, so we made a French version too. This song is about going down to “hell” to face your greatest fears. The song explores how, by having the courage to face your fears head on, you find you possess a strength you never knew. In order to craft this song, we had to face our greatest fears as artists. So form imitates content. Facing our fears is never easy, but there is life on the other side of fear. It’s so important to remind ourselves of this. We hope our listeners can be reminded of this fundamental truth and enjoy the ride!

Again, you can listen to the English version of the track below, its exclusive home on the internet. If you like what you hear, pre-order Saturday the 14th, right here. Further down, hear the French version, a.k.a. “Les ailes d’un ange.” Keep scrolling for the Saturday the 14th album art and tracklist.

Saturday the 14th Album Art


Saturday the 14th Tracklist

1. Fun For Everyone (Minions)
2. Stoned Thought
3. Tell You Off
4. Long and McQuade
5. Les ailes d’un ange
6. Angel’s Wings (exclusive vinyl download + CD track)

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