Pegasus Warning

Daytrotter Session - Mar 18, 2013

Pegasus Warning – Daytrotter Session – Mar 18, 2013
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Turn Out The Lights
  3. Acoustiq
  4. Try So Hard
  5. Teenage Paris

The want just gushes out of a Pegasus Warning song. It’s passion maximized. It billows and it spills out everywhere. It brews from the guts, from all the red places in a body. It pumps through these electro-funk songs as if they were roaming over the streets, sniffing around the backs of restaurants for some bones with a little meat or gristle still on them – something to chew on to dampen the hungry emotions that are swamping them. They are driving them into those streets to toss about. It’s hit hard. These characters are being drawn into themselves, left tumbling into their own burning buildings, loving that it’s so warm, that they can feel everything – all the flames, one at a time. They’re happy that they’re there. They’d love for it to get more intense. They want it all to escalate to levels that could get scary. They sing, ” Turn out the lights so we can really see what’s going on,” and with the thought, we’re brought to the mood that they prefer to work with, always. There is nothing worth feeling if it’s not dangerously close to the edge. It must be spooked. It must shake like scrawny, cold kitten. It must make you feel like you’re gonna die.