Peter and Kerry

Daytrotter Session - Dec 7, 2012

Peter and Kerry – Daytrotter Session – Dec 7, 2012
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Wheels Start Turning
  3. Cicque
  4. Lay My Down
  5. I Don’t Know

No man’s simple.
Neither is any woman.
Despite all efforts to achieve the contrary, even those who want to claim simplicity are headaches. They are wretched puzzles. They’ve made themselves that way and it’s how they present themselves to everyone they come into contact with.

UK male-female duo Peter & Kerry make the most out of these introductions and the sagas that are spurred from them. They sing:

“But even simple men have thoughts you cannot read and dark complexities.
“Lay me down,” he thought, “I’m full of sin, my hands aren’t clean.
I could never explain exactly what washed over me.”
A simple man, we thought.”

If we could all just sit around with our beer tins and our inability to get or keep anything straight in our lives, we’d be just fine there with our dirty, sinful hands and we wouldn’t need to worry about anyone else. But people get into all of us like weeds and wild tufts of ditch grasses do. They’re resilient about cracking us and so the dance begins.

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