Peter Silberman Performs "Gone Beyond" in Autumnal Third Installment of Impermanence at the Glass House

Music Video Peter Silberman
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The third installment of Peter Silberman’s multi-part performance film Impermanence At the Glass House finds Silberman on a bench in the midst of the mid-autumn woods. Silberman sings “Gone Beyond,” a song that slowly gathers weight.

As in the segments set to “Karuna” and “New York,” the video was directed by Derrick Belcham and features dancers Rebecca Margolick and Stephanie Crousillat. Crousillat and Margolick’s costumes, designed by Natasha Takemoto and Joy Wolcott, match the scenery’s deciduous aesthetic.

Watch the video above, watch “Karuna” and “New York” here and here, respectively, read Paste’s review of Silberman’s latest album Impermanence here, and listen to Paste Cloud audio of Silberman’s old band The Antlers below. If all that’s not enough, find our recent interview with Silberman here.