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Y'all seriously rock

After 23 years, Poison has finally made the record its fans have always wanted.

Literally. Via its MySpace page, the band asked its fans which cover songs they might like to hear. The fans spoke and, just like that, Poison'd! was born. It makes perfect sense; none of the bands associated with the '80s hair-metal scene, especially Poison, ever harbored much artistic ambition. The genre was pure theater, delivered to its fans via MTV and glitzy arena shows awash in watery beer and flashed boobies. Keeping the dream alive, Poison'd loses the "Unskinny Bop," the "Talk Dirty to Me" and, most thankfully, the "Something to Believe In," instead serving up surprisingly fresh versions of everything from Sweet'S "Little Willy" to The Who'S "Squeeze Box." It'S shit-kicking fare, the kind of thing that will sound awesome going 85 in Eddie's Camaro, all tore up, 'cause, hell, Eddie still don't give a shit. And neither does Poison.