Radiohead Guitarist Ed O'Brien Announces Plans for a Solo Album

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In 2012, Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien went to live in Brazil with his family and write music for a year. The polyrhythms and “dark heart” (as he calls it) of Brazilian music has influenced him ever since, though he’s never released material in direct response to the trip.

Until now. In an interview with BBC 6 Music, O’Brien revealed that he’s planning on releasing his first-ever solo album in early 2017, made with material that is largely inspired by his time in Brazil. This will be O’Brien’s first work outside of Radiohead since he played on the 7 Worlds Collide project’s 2009 album The Sun Came Out. This move will also make O’Brien the fourth Radiohead member to release solo material.

O’Brien said in the interview that Brazil’s carnival was “the greatest thing I’ve ever, ever, ever experienced in terms of music.” Combining O’Brien’s innovative electronic effects with “the greatest thing ever in terms of music” sounds pretty excellent. We await the album with high expectations.