Real Estate Gives Guitar Lesson for New “Crime” Video

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Real Estate Gives Guitar Lesson for New “Crime” Video

It looks like one band has finally responded to that too-common fan request of “you got the guitar tab?” (Of course they don’t, commenter! They wrote the damn thing!) With Real Estate’s Atlas set for a March 3 release via Domino Records, the band has revealed another song titled “Crime” via a play-along guitar tab video. It’s a cool idea, and a nice alternative to the lyric video. I personally wouldn’t mind this being the new wave of previewing new songs.

If you’re not a guitar player, a tab shows an upside-down view of the guitar neck (the bottom string being the low E, the top is the high E). Those rapidly passing numbers represent the frets on the guitar. It’s become a more common way for beginners to learn in the last two decades, especially with fan-made transcriptions popping up online for about any artist you can imagine. While this video will surely frustrate you if you’re a beginner (this isn’t Guitar Hero after all), here are a few easier songs if the video got you inspired.

Check out the video above, where guitarists Martin Courtney and Matt Mondanile show you their guitar secrets.

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