Ten Musician-Owned Restaurants

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[Pictured: the owners of Teany]

Although perhaps hearing is the most important of the five senses to a musician, no one can discount the relevance of taste in a happy life. Everyone has their favorite foods, and if you’re like us, opening your very own restaurant would be a dream-come-true. Each of these foodie musicians are living the dream, owning restaurants that span a wide variety of cuisines. Some are swanky and some seem schleppy, but what ties all of these musician-owned restaurants together (besides the fact we might just see a famous face across the dining room) is that we want to visit them all. Road trip, anyone?

1. Tagine – This Beverly Hills spot features North African cuisine and is partially owned by Ryan Gosling. Yes, the actor from The Notebook, but also the band Dead Man’s Bones.

2. Blowfish Sushi – Julian Lennon, son of John Lennon, is a partial owner of this popular West Coast sushi chain whose menu is adorned with colorful Anime characters.

3. TeanyMoby calls this friendly little Manhattan cafe his “pride and joy.” It features a vegetarian menu and 96 canisters of tea.

4. Kaffibarinn – Part-owned by Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz), we’d have to travel all the way to Reykjavik, Iceland to visit this trendy spot. It’s really known more as a bar than a restaurant, but they do serve food as well.

5. Southern Hospitality – Memphis-born Justin Timberlake, it turns out, is bringing more than just sexy back. His restaurant brings classic Tennessee barbecue to the Big Apple with a menu of Dixie staples like pulled pork, ribs and fried catfish.

6. Justin’s – Owned by Sean “Diddy” Combs, this restaurant keeps it in the family. Inspired by his grandmother, the restaurant is named after the rap mogul’s son. It serves a fusion of southern and Caribbean cuisine with a health-conscious twist at its New York and Atlanta locations.

7. Watershed – This upscale neighborhood eatery is actually right around the corner from Paste’s Decatur, Ga. offices. Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls is a part-owner of the charming bistro, which serves fresh, regional fare.

8. Fatburger – The original Fatburger hamburger stand opened in 1952 and quickly earned a reputation for its juicy burgers, fresh onion rings and hand-dipped shakes. Queen Latifah loved their turkey burgers so much, she opened her own franchise in Florida. “I’m a girl with girth and I need my burger,” she told Conan O’Brien. Get it, girl.

9. I Love This Bar & Grill – Usually the bar inspires the song, but Toby Keith opened his restaurant and named it after his hit country song. The chain’s three locations, including two in casinos, may not be the classiest on this list, but if it’s anything like the bar in Keith’s song, you’ll see everyone from “thirsty hitchhikers” to “early birds” to “all-nighters.”

10. Straits – Located in Atlanta’s trendy Midtown neighborhood, Ludacris’ Oriental restaurant opened in 2008. Luda loves the food so much, patrons often see him enjoying a meal at the eatery on weekends.

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