Róisín Murphy Delivers Disco Realness on “Murphy’s Law”

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Róisín Murphy Delivers Disco Realness on “Murphy’s Law”

Irish dance-pop legend Róisín Murphy wants to make disco in the most faithful way possible. Thursday, she shared a new single, “Murphy’s Law,” a month after her previous, “Narcissus.”

If “Narcissus” was the furthest she had ever delved into the Motown sounds of Diana Ross, then “Murphy’s Law” may as well be Murphy embodying the spirit of Donna Summer. Eschewing any conventions of house present on “Narcissus,” “Murphy’s Law” is an eight-minute odyssey of clamoring disco beats.

Of the track, Murphy says, “‘Murphy’s Law’ is our crack at a straight up, straightforward, no-frills, disco standard.” She continues, “Oh and it’s the story of my life. It’s about the nature of the past, it’s often a difficult thing to outrun but it can also be quite comforting. When is it valuable heritage, and when is it something that’s holding you back? Time and time again I return to Sheffield and my friends there. I go when I need to reconnect to a scene and to music that’s about something! And to feel the belonging.”

The track comes ahead of Murphy’s headlining appearance at the BBC 6 Radio Festival from March 6-8. Murphy has steadily been releasing singles since her 2016 album Take Her up to Monto. Last year, Murphy released her single “Incapable.” No news on whether the three recent singles will be included on Murphy’s future fifth album.

Listen to “Murphy’s Law” below and find Murphy’s tour dates further down.

Róisín Murphy Tour Dates:

07- London, U.K. @ Roundhouse – 6 Music Festival

04 – Naples, Italy @ Duel Beat

13 – Manchester, U.K. @ Parklife
21 – West Meath, Ireland @ Body and Soul

17 – Bern, Switzerland @ Gurten Festival
19 – City of Iron, Germany @ Melt Festival
26 – Jodrell Bank, U.K. @ Bluedot festival
31 – Varel, Germany @ Watt En Schlick

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