Run the Jewels Release Meow the Jewels "Meowpurrdy" Video

Music Video Run The Jewels
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Hip-hop duo Run the Jewels’ second self-titled album received top marks from Paste when it came out in 2014. For Killer Mike and El-P’s cat-themed novelty follow-up, Meow the Jewels, fan reaction has been both bliss and confusion, including a single-emoji review from Pitchfork. Still, it’s always amusing (at least momentarily) when new Meow the Jewels content emerges.

The latest offering is “Meowpurrdy”—a bad catnip-induced trip of a video. Demonic cats regurgitating hairballs that then morph into smaller cats may be an apt analogy for the diminishing returns of this project. Sorry boys, it’s time to go back to the scratching board and focus on RTJ3. Check out the Cyriak-directed video above.

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