Disturbing Sci-Fi Horror Web Series Operator Closes in on Kickstarter Goal

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There’s something about clay figurines getting attacked by biomechanical parasites that sends shivers down our collective spine in the best possible way.

The stop-motion short film Operator was released in 2013 to wildly positive reviews—which would have included our own, if we’d seen it then. Now, its creator Sam Barnett is providing a sequel, in the form of a 15-episode web series that picks up where the disturbingly icky original left off. The project’s Kickstarter is getting close to raising the necessary funding for additional stop-motion animators, and at $10,000, it’s really quite affordable for a 15-episode stop motion animated series. It’s really impressive as far as Kickstarters go—well-organized, detailed, and featuring awesome perks for backers. Currently, the project is about 80% funded with three days to go, so if this is a project you want to see (full disclosure: we want to see it), you should probably help Barnett out.