Stacy Earle / Mark Stuart - Never Gonna Let You Go


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Stacy Earle / Mark Stuart - Never Gonna Let You Go

Stacey Earle may be the sister of demigod Steve Earle, but she obviously didn’t inherit the melancholy gene that makes his work so dark and compelling. On Never Gonna Let You Go, Stacey and multi-instrumentalist, fellow singer/songwriter and husband Mark Stuart sound like they’re drunk on moonbeams. The album is brimming over with humor, high spirits and high jinks, a romp through every genre that ever breathed life into acoustic music. “If You Want My Love” is a rousing ragtime stomp that includes a kazoo solo and a goofy vocal interchange between Stuart and Earle, “When She’s Having Fun” is a Memphis soul meets The Beatles portrait of a brokenhearted woman, while “Cry Night after Night” is a subtle lament that showcases Earle’s achingly pure mountain vibrato.

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