Watch the Playful Video for Stella Donnelly’s Latest Single “Tricks”

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Watch the Playful Video for Stella Donnelly’s Latest Single “Tricks”

Australian artist Stella Donnelly is here to pull you out of your midweek blues with “Tricks,” the latest track from her forthcoming debut album Beware of the Dogs, out March 8 via Secretly Canadian. Donnelly previously released two songs off the record: “Old Man,” thumbing her nose at men in power, and “Lunch,” which explores life on the road with carefree wistfulness. “Tricks” feels like an upbeat, winning combination of the most recent two tracks, spinning together the wit of “Old Man” and the breeziness of “Lunch.”

It’s a sunny single with an appropriately summery video to match. Directed by Nick McKk and Julia Jacklin (who recently played songs off her latest record Crushing in the Paste Studio), the camera follows Donnelly as she dances through Melbourne and disdainfully regards the flannel-clad douche-bro following her around the city’s lush streets. He’s a literal embodiment of the “racist Australian pride” the video’s accompanying press release says the track pokes fun at.

“This song is a playful zoom-in on the ‘Australian Identity’ and a loose dig at the morons that used to yell sh*t at me when I played cover gigs on Sunday afternoons,” Donnelly explained in a statement. “It probably served me right for singing ‘Wonderwall’ every weekend.”

Honestly, we’d be happy to have her play anything on repeat. Watch the video for “Tricks” below and see when Donnelly’s playing in a town near you here.

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