Check Out The Unheard Demo Version Of Sufjan Stevens' "Chicago"

Music Video Sufjan Stevens
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Sufjan Stevens’ landmark 2005 album Illinois is getting the 10th Anniversary re-issue treatment from Asthmatic Kitty Records this April. As part of the package, buyers will get a special edition 12-inch vinyl of a demo version of “Chicago,” pressed on a disc shaped like one of the iconic stars from Chicago’s flag. Quite fitting.

The demo version is a far cry from the symphonic flourish of the original, but the song feels just as full with layers of acoustic guitar, organ, and Sufjan’s voice. In addition to getting the demo with the 10th Anniversary Illinois package, you can pre-order it on its own. Asthmatic Kitty is selling 2,000 copies that it misprinted as 45 RPM (it’s actually 33).

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