Sufjan Stevens Weighs in on Katy Perry's New Album

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Sufjan Stevens Weighs in on Katy Perry's New Album

Whether it’s about her new album Witness, her feud with Taylor Swift or her Big Brother-esque livestream promoting her album, it seems like everyone has something to say about Katy Perry lately. Not excluded from this list is Sufjan Stevens, who posted his thoughts on the “Swish Swish” singer’s new record on his Tumblr.

Stevens is a little vague and doesn’t divulge whether he actually likes Witness, but it’s apparent that he does think it’s strange. He commented on the lyrics from a song on the record called “Déjà Vu,” which contains the phrase, “Your words are like Chinese water torture.”

“Lord Jesus have mercy. And y’all thought I was weird when I wrote, ‘Tuesday night at the Bible study,’” wrote Stevens in his post. “Katy Perry was probably at that same Bible study. We probably did a popcorn prayer together.” Perry is infamously from a religious home; she’s the daughter of two Pentecostal preachers who were less than happy about their daughter singing about kissing a girl and liking it on Top 40 radio.

Stevens’ post ends with, “I love this world.” While this doesn’t clearly indicate if he’s a fan of Perry’s album, it appears that he at least got a kick out of its outlandishness. Read the entirety of the post here.