Sweet Apple Wistfully Welcomes Autumn with New Video

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Sweet Apple Wistfully Welcomes Autumn with New Video

If you have espied the calendar yet today, the sad truth is that summer’s over. It’s officially the first day of autumn and with that changing of the seasons comes a time for reminiscing on the good times that came during those warm months. It’s also a time to take stock and to have those moments of rumination as take bitter account of the unceasing march forward.

Both of those beautiful ideas are melded together in the new video from Cleveland-based supergroup Sweet Apple for the song “Summer’s Gone.” Filmed both in the band’s hometown and in Los Angeles, the clip (co-directed by the group’s leader John Petkovic and filmmaker Lannie Rhodes) features a sun-kissed couple joyfully skateboarding around and a rueful older gent (played by Tom Jarmusch, brother of famed director Jim Jarmusch) walking among dilapidated buildings and rubble.

As Petkovic put it, “We were thinking something like J.G. Ballard and the Beach Boys. We shot the Cleveland stuff in these abandoned and empty places. A lot of these crumbling buildings experienced their summer many years ago and now sit frozen in some permanent state of fall. Like some geological dig for remnants of some long-gone America.”

Poetic sentiments to match the mournful tang of the song, taken from Sweet Apple’s most recent album Sing The Night In Sorrow and featuring some stirring backing vocals from Rachel Haden. To keep track of the band’s comings and goings all year round, click here.

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