Daily Dose: Tai Verdes, “Sunset”

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Daily Dose: Tai Verdes, “Sunset”

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Tai Verdes is part the grand tradition of “can’t stop, won’t stop” artists. He’s kept his foot on the creative accelerator without relent since arriving in the pop world around 2020. It’s a mindset befitting a young man who, before his track “Stuck In The Middle” achieved viral success, was working in a Verizon store and sleeping on a friend’s couch. Now that he’s found some purchase in his climb to the top of the charts, he’s not about to let go. He’s got two albums under his belt already and more new music pouring out of him—like this new single “Sunset.”

The fresh track has a throwback vibe, calling up the spirits of artists like Bill Withers and Donny Hathaway with the joyous bounce of an electric piano and a killer soul-funk groove behind him. Rather than explore matters of the heart, though, Verdes is deeper inside his own head. He wishes to be walking in the glow of a sunset rather than being relegated to his bed, paralyzed by his thoughts and fears. Understandable concerns for an artist who says that “existentialism is the vehicle for my expression.” When your primary concern is how much time you have left on this planet, why waste a second of it? Yet, there Tai Verdes is, flopping about under the sheets and wondering why he can’t get up and get on with things. Something I’m sure all of us can relate to. And you can’t, the least you can do is use this track as a soundtrack to your daily grind.

Listen to “Sunset” below.

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