Tal Wilkenfeld – Corner Painter

Paste Studio NYC (New York, NY), 03/04/2016

Music Video Tal Wilkenfeld

Although Tal Wilkenfeld is best known to many as a bassist to many blues rock and jazz icons such as Jeff Beck and Chick Corea, it is interesting to note that she started off playing guitar when she was 14. It wasn’t until she moved to the United States from her hometown of Sydney, Australia that she switched over to playing electric bass. In this session, she moves back to her original roots as a guitarist with these two tracks “Corner Painter” and “Under the Sun.”

Although Tal Wilkenfeld is traditionally an instrumentalist, during this session she combines her two talents by offering her vocal dexterity in addition to her guitar playing. Although the blues-rock and jazz elements are still in play, they do so in a much different way than with her work with Jeff Beck and Herbie Hancock. The artistry here is much more subtle than before and her sound, though still rock-based, feels a lot more refined.

—Ben Rosner

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