Tegan and Sara Release Comical, Suggestive Video for "Stop Desire"

Music Video Tegan and Sara
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Sexuality in music videos is clichéd, and we’ve already seen it all, right? Think again. Tegan and Sara’s new video for their hit “Stop Desire” is a creative expression of sensuality that we didn’t know we needed. It’s not full of scantily clad, suspiciously shiny female bodies. No, it’s packed with suggestively shot banal activities, like capping a pen or squeezing a piece of fruit.

Tegan and Sara Quin sing with deadpan faces as they move from a post office to a laundromat to a marketplace, unable to see these environments from a non-erotic perspective. They’re sexually frustrated, but we get a satisfying dose of comedy.

Tegan commented on the meaning of the song in a press release: “While writing ‘Stop Desire,’ I was attempting to explore the tension between Desire (want) and Love (have). Can we truly love someone and still desire them?” Leave it to this dynamic duo to address deep questions with such colorful absurdity.

Watch “Stop Desire” above, and find Tegan and Sara’s cavalcade of recent music videos here.