The Bronzed Chorus

Daytrotter Session - Dec 9, 2017

The Bronzed Chorus – Daytrotter Session – Dec 9, 2017
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. I Am The Ram
  3. 45 Horses
  4. Decollage / Widely Wah (Till The Break Of Dawn)
  5. Walletkeys / Phonesmokes

Sometimes I wonder if musicians in the past ever thought they’d finally gotten to the point in music when it can’t go any further, like ‘what could possibly come after this?’ type of thinking. Was it when we started plugging our instruments in to amplifiers? Or when we kicked out half of the band and replaced them with a synthesizer? Either way, they were wrong. Music kept changing, in message and medium. Bands like The Bronzed Chorus would never consider a question like that and instead stare directly through time’s fa├žade and consider what music might sound like in the future. Spoiler alert: it sounds like The Bronzed Chorus. The Bronzed Chorus have an incredibly distinct sound, but it’s hard to put down in one genre label. A flurry of things come to mind: electro-rock, math rock, psychedelic, techno-metal, ambient, drone. Being just a two-piece band, the duo is left to do the work a five-piece band would struggle with. The drumming is consistent and fast, full of driving rhythms and quick fills. The guitar is at times melodic and lyrical, other times chaotic and covered in pedal effects. Both sounds serve their purpose in the songs’ storytelling, which happens without any lyrical content. The interpolation of keyboard sounds launches this music completely out of plain-old rock music’s realm. Soundscapes before, after, and in the middle of songs add context to the melodies and rhythms, encapsulating them with ambient bookends. All of this gives the session the feeling of a film score. Fans of the current 80’s-revival techno-wave bubble might hear inklings of that aesthetic slipping into the music, whether by intention or random association. Either way, it’s hard not to imagine yourself running down a neon hallway, spurred by a sense of awe and discovery instilled by the music. And just when that scene hits its emotional climax, when the melancholy wails of computers turn to operatic chords as the protagonist floats through space, The Bronzed Chorus brings the listener back down to Earth with a solid, danceable rhythm and catchy melodies. Both musicians in the band are incredibly proficient players, but always save the flashiest and most complex arrangements for the perfect moment. Count how many times you find yourself wide-eyed, mouth agape, during this session.