The Chainsmokers Are Executive Producing a Music-Themed Freeform Drama Series

About a woman who leaves her indie-rock band to write pop songs in L.A.

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The Chainsmokers Are Executive Producing a Music-Themed Freeform Drama Series

Last year, The Chainsmokers launched their production venture Kick The Habit with the baffling announcement that they had signed on to produce a feature film based on their song “Paris,” which includes such thrilling plot developments as “standing there with a frown and a cigarette / posting pictures of yourself on the internet.” Today in “no one asked for this,” The Hollywood Reporter has shared that the duo are executive producing a music-themed drama series for Freeform. The show, called Demo, will center on “a 20-something musician who dares to leave behind her struggling indie-rock band and her working-class family to try writing pop songs in Los Angeles.” Truly the most daring choice. This is peak #feminism, folks.

Our courageous protagonist wants to let go of her grimy, DIY past along with all of her principles, but she realizes before too long “that the best songs tell the deepest truths—if only she can find the strength to tell hers.” The self-described “frat bro dudes” have a great track record of respecting women, with Alex Pall telling Billboard in 2016, “Even before success, pussy was number one”: “Like, ‘Why am I trying to make all this money?’ I wanted to hook up with hotter girls. I had to date a model.” The following year, they told NME they were “making fun of bros.” Whether we believe them or not, just take a look at what’s really important: the music. The Chainsmokers are definitely up to the task of telling the deepest truths about women’s lives, from looking pretty in a hotel bar to stealing mattresses in Colorado.

There might be some hope yet for Demo. The series will be helmed by Joy Gregory, writer for Madam Secretary and Switched at Birth, one of the best teen dramas of the 2010s. Stay tuned for further updates and more terrible ideas from the satirical masterminds who brought us “#SELFIE.”

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