The D.O.T.

Daytrotter Session - Jun 25, 2013

The D.O.T. – Daytrotter Session – Jun 25, 2013
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  1. Whatever It Takes
  2. Most Of My Time
  3. How We All Lie
  4. Blood, Sweat & Tears

It could just be that knowing that there’s an ending is what essentially makes anything sweet. It could just be that because we know that we’ll all eventually spiral away down the tubes, become a phantom of a spirit and a faint recollection with enough time gone, that makes us taste a little bit more of what it means to live. There’s always going to be loving and leaving. There’s going to be toil and tough times, but there are only going to be so many days and that’s both scary and charming. The new project from The Streets’ Mike Skinner and Rob Harvey is full of clouds that have been seeded and are ready to rain. These are stories that make up the difference between gray days and rebounding to put everything back together in a way that brings the sunshine back out.

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