The Floorwalkers

Daytrotter Session - Jan 13, 2012

The Floorwalkers – Daytrotter Session – Jan 13, 2012
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Some Love
  3. For The Better
  4. Love The Sun Away
  5. Up The Vine

Some Love, as a song could be a precursor for a lot of things – eating a backyard, summer BBQ, for instance, or pre-toweling off after a dip in the pool. There’s one thing in particular that it most certainly is a precursor to. Toward the end of it, as everything scales back, the acoustic guitar and vocals are left to their hushed comedown that sounds like a bedding is underway. The lights have been turned down and there’s an available bend. The pieces of clothing that have been worn all night are being slowly pulled down the legs and over the feet or up and over some stretched arms, extended in a divers position. It’s a divine moment, where two people are being pulled seductively into that waiting bed, something that they might not have even been thinking about an hour earlier.

The Floorwalkers, a Columbus, Ohio, group of roots rockers, give us the feeling that one-night stands can be some of the most beautiful things anyone can ever experience. They don’t need to be justified. It’s good for good’s sake. As a matter of fact, with the amount of tenderness that you hear in lead singer Jon Elliott’s voice and lyrics, you’d swear that these chance meeting and these intimate, naked rolls in the hay were the right way to do these things and that there’s a special kind of appreciation given to these sorts of evenings or afternoons where some sweet looks and some uncontrollable urges tap into one another, flying around like demolition derby drivers bracing themselves for the crash that will really get their blood pumping – kinda the reason they drive in these things in the first place.

At some point in our lives, we’re all demolition derby drivers, posing as the soft hearts who just want to see a slow removal of a shirt over the nipples and the long hair of a pretty girl jostling with flung movement and a face that’s taken on an intense anticipation that, like it or not is one of the prettiest rarities. It’s that moment of breaking from all that’s outside the windows and the doors. Elliott and the Floorwalkers have found themselves able to express these intentions supremely, putting together a collection of songs that are primed for everything that’s going to happen next, while never feeling trite or dirty.

These songs are about love-making, not sex. There’s a big difference and the Floorwalkers bring a Southern gentleman’s approach to the proposition, making everything sound endearing. Elliott is joined by drummer Tom Lasky, guitarist Kerry Henderson, guitarist Theo Perry and keyboardist Nate Kremer in putting together a sound that exemplifies those first few lusty notes with someone who could – before you know it — wind up being the woman you’ve been married to for 40 years and raised a family with. Elliott sings, “I loved that girl so much that day,” and while there an impermanence there, it’s his hint that there could easily be many more days like that one and it sounds like he’s willing to see them.