The Harmed Brothers

Daytrotter Session - Mar 8, 2018

The Harmed Brothers – Daytrotter Session – Mar 8, 2018
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. So Long
  3. Adopt A Highway
  4. I Was A Rock
  5. A Life In Progress

The Harmed Brothers are a folk-rock band from the Portland, Oregon area. Their raw Americana is picturesque and full of honesty. The arc of a Harmed Brothers song comes from discovering the complexities of common people and characters. The imagery captures the day-to-day, but the overall picture captures the powerful truth behind simple wisdom.There are a lot of lyrics about travelling and being on the road in this session. It fits the Americana genre well but is also a genuine expression of a musician’s life on the road. It’s a total misconception that touring is like a constant vacation full of tourist stops and easy living. Everybody has loved ones they miss, and being so far away from them for so long definitely has an effect on you. There are feelings of missed opportunities, failed teenage dreams and more imbued in these road thoughts. And it doesn’t always pay well either. It’s something done from love and dedication. Sometimes, life on the road just isn’t what it’s been chalked up to be, but like any job or passion you just keep moving with it. Despite all the seriousness, these songs are also a lot of fun. Like any good folk band, they know how to take you through your highs and your lows. Even when you’re low there’s still a song to be sung or a dance to be had. The Harmed Brothers cover a Chance the Rapper song in this session, which threw me off at first. I was really hoping they weren’t about to start rapping. Instead, they covered one of his lesser known songs, I Was a Rock, a tribute song that Chance wrote for Muhammed Ali. It translated perfectly into the Harmed Brothers’ style.

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