Throw Me the Statue: Creaturesque

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Throw Me the Statue: <em>Creaturesque</em>

Band's sophomore effort is full of life

The expression "quarter-life crisis" gets thrown around pretty liberally these days (it even has its own Wikipedia entry), and is as often a point of contention as it is a reassurance for the demographic it supposedly affects. With their second full-length, Creaturesque, Throw Me the Statue has created a soundtrack for this social phenomena. "This is change I cannot know / It comes down like a private snow," Scott Reitherman sings on "Ancestors," and the rest of the album is certainly not lacking similar references to time, disaffection and general confusion. And yet, Reitherman and his bandmates refuse to wallow. With few exceptions, including a three-song streak of lulled tempos at the album's close, the songs are unabashedly infectious, with clapping and stomping credits in the liner notes. With the help of producer Phil Ek (Built to Spill, The Shins), the band captures the odd we're-young-but-wish-we-were-younger nostalgia of the so-called crisis while still creating an album that will appeal to an audience outside the twentysomething set.