Trump Plays Rolling Stones' "You Can't Always Get What You Want" At RNC Despite Ban

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Newly official Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump seems to have made an enemy out of many of the bands he’s chosen to feature at his Republican National Convention appearances, first Queen, and now the Rolling Stones.

Trump was strongly dissuaded from using Queen’s “We Are the Champions” following his convention speech on Wednesday, a warning which he did not heed. This time, he’s used the Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” despite requests from the band back in May that Trump “cease all use immediately.”

A source close to the Stones told NME, “This is unlikely to go further. We asked politely, Trump has ignored us.” Brian May, lead guitarist of Queen, has shared a similar story, urging Trump not to use his song but being ignored.

To add insult to injury (literally), this controversy occurs even in light of the fact that Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards reportedly once pulled a knife on the controversial businessman-turned-politician back in 1989, when Trump sponsored a Stones show on their “Steel Wheels” tour in Atlantic City, under the condition that Trump couldn’t make an appearance or publicize the sponsorship beyond putting his name on the gig.

The Stones showed up to the gig to find Trump giving a press conference at the venue. Keith Richards apparently threw a knife onto the table in front of Trump after Trump was requested to stop by tour manager Michael Cohl and didn’t comply. Richards reportedly told Cohl that he wouldn’t perform in the same venue as Trump, and either Trump would have to leave or the band would. Trump eventually left after the situation escalated to near-violence between both parties’ security.

Trump, already not the most likable of public figures, is getting on the bad side of a growing number of big-name celebrities, and it’ll be interesting to see whether the presidential candidate’s stubbornness lands him in even more hot water before the election come November. Find the Stones’ reaction to Trump’s use of their song below.