Watch Austin Getz of Turnover Perform Live at Paste

Dreamy indie rock with a melodic heart.

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Watch Austin Getz of Turnover Perform Live at Paste

Austin Getz, frontman for indie trio Turnover, has a simple answer when he’s asked to sum up the band’s third full-length record, Good Nature. “Learning,” he says. “This whole record is about learning. Opening your eyes to new things, going outside of your comfort zone, and learning to grow into something new.”

Turnover’s last full-length, 2015’s Peripheral Vision, showcased a dreamier side of their melodic, pop-punk sound. But as the range of textures, tempos and dynamics on Good Nature hints, they’ve been listening to an even wider spectrum of music over the past couple years. Vintage Southern soul and blues, bossa nova, electronic music, indie and psychedelic grooves all filter into the mix. Getz is a recent California transplant, and the album’s buoyant blend of West Coast vibes and spiritual growth is immediately audible on opening track “Super Natural,” a late-summer idyll of intertwined guitar parts and sun-dappled vocals, like Real Estate in a sunnier mood.

Listening to how the leisurely “Nightlight Girl” melts into a more propulsive selection like “Breeze,” and the way Good Nature flows together as a seamless whole, it’s also evident that the foursome have been paying closer attention to how artists from earlier eras made full-length albums. “The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds has become one of my top five favorites of all time,” says Austin, citing not only the quality of the individual selections, but also the careful sequencing and use of space in the arrangements.

Watch Turnover perform LIVE at Paste!

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