Video Premiere: Heather Woods Broderick - "Mama Shelter"

Music Video
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Heather Woods Broderick is a talented vocalist with a history on the stage, from working with Sharon Van Etten on keyboards and harmonies as well as touring and recording with Efterklang and Horse Feathers. On Glider, her sophomore album, Broderick has expanded on the gentle harmonies and evocative songwriting that she debuted on 2009’s From the Ground. The album was released last week, and now Broderick has debuted a video for Glider track “Mama Shelter.” Directed by Andrew Gallo, it is the first in what he says will be an ongoing series of non-dancers responding to music they’ve never head before, giving each shot a spontaneity that you don’t often see in music videos.

“I’m interested purely in the connection between natural movement and response to an arrangement of sounds we’ve never heard before,” said Gallo. “I believe our initial response is our most telling to how the music affects us. We only have one shot. This moment only occurs once in a lifetime, and I want to capture that.”

Watch the video for “Mama Shelter” in the player above. Glider is out now via Western Vinyl.