Weezer Made Their Own Island on Fortnite, Are Doing Just Fine

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Weezer Made Their Own Island on <i>Fortnite</i>, Are Doing Just Fine

While y’all let yourself get distracted by fake threats of monsters infiltrating the YouTube videos children watch without headphones at the grocery store, the very real threat of “Weezer in 2019” infiltrated their videogames.

Weezer have revealed that their new original album, The Black Album, is available to stream at the band’s very own island theme park, found exclusively in the Minecraft-inspired “creative mode” of Fortnite.

No, you read that right. Weezer released a new original album.

The ‘80s cover band announced the grand opening of Weezer World in a tweet:

Go on then, “kick back & relax” and watch the full promotional video below. (Disclaimer: Paste is not responsible for any emotional distress inflicted by “the sweet sounds.”)