Exclusive: Take a Walk with Yasmin Williams in Her "Sunshowers" Video

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Exclusive: Take a Walk with Yasmin Williams in Her "Sunshowers" Video

Northern Virginia songwriter and acoustic fingerstyle guitarist Yasmin Williams sets the bar high for her second record early, reeling you in right away with its stunning opener “Sunshowers.” Today (Nov. 9), Paste is thrilled to premiere the music video for the Urban Driftwood standout, in which Williams performs the track at Third Man Records and treks through the Tennessee countryside.

Williams tells Paste of “Sunshowers” and its visual:

A sunshower is the phenomenon of rain falling while the sun is shining. On my record, Urban Driftwood (SPINSTER, 2021), “Sunshowers” is meant to serve as a light-hearted, optimistic, and hopeful introduction to the album, to mimic how I believe most people around the world were feeling at the start of 2020, before the pandemic, while also hinting at the danger that was looming, the pandemic itself. My goal for the video was to capture the hopeful spirit of both the song and the start of 2020 without actually alluding to the trouble and complications that were ahead of us like the title of the song does.

Williams achieves her goal for the “Sunshowers” video, a soothing and idyllic clip that was shot over the summer, directed by Lagan Sebert and David Robertson, and edited by Ryan Nadzam. It intercuts between two Tennessee locations, entwining footage of Williams performing the track at Third Man’s Blue Room in Nashville with her walking to and from the Harpeth River in Franklin, guitar in tow. Watching the “Sunshowers” video simultaneously feels as if you’re taking in a Williams show from the front row and accompanying her on an afternoon hike. Needless to say, it’s lovely.

SPINSTER released the acclaimed Urban Driftwood in January—Paste highlighted “Sunshowers” among that month’s best songs.

Watch Williams’ “Sunshowers” video below, exclusively at Paste.