YouTube to Launch New Music Streaming Service

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YouTube to Launch New Music Streaming Service

Scoot over, Spotify and Apple Music—make way for YouTube. The video streaming juggernaut announced a third attempt, after launching YouTube Music Key in 2014 and YouTube Red in 2015, to introduce a new music streaming service, per Bloomberg.

Internally referred to as Remix, the service would include on-demand streaming like its competitors, but would also incorporate elements from YouTube, namely the inclusion of video clips. With the launch, YouTube would be appeasing executives in the music industry who have pushed for more revenue from video streaming.

YouTube’s previous music-streaming iterations have struggled to take off, even after combining earlier this year. Currently, it is working on locking in deals with labels: Warner Music Group has already signed on, but negotiations are still taking place with Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group.

We’ll see how “Remix” measures up to Spotify and Apple Music come next March. In the meantime, revisit YouTube’s hodgepodge of the trends that defined the year in its “Rewind 2017” video.