Tinder Use Skyrockets in Olympic Village

Olympics News Rio 2016

Perhaps in an effort to fill the world with physically perfect children, this year’s Olympic athletes are using Tinder to seek out partners for a different set of games.

Esquire reports that Tinder “matches are up 129 percent and swipes are up 69 percent” in the area surrounding the Olympic Village. Further, an Instagram account called Sportsswipe has been collecting screenshots of the verified Tinder accounts of various Olympic athletes.

According E! News, these casual hookups can happen at anytime. “It’s pretty intense…some athletes wait until after their competition [to party] and then others have hookups between practices because they say sex actually helps them reach for the gold,” said one insider source.

Sex during the Games is nothing new: during the London Olympics four year ago, Grindr crashed due to overwhelming levels of activity in the Village. During the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, 20,000 extra condoms were rushed to the village after the provided 70,000 were used up.

Another source, however, told Us Weekly that fans’ ridiculously posable, endurance-testing fantasies aren’t the stuff of reality, as it’s apparently “pretty tough to hook up on twin beds with roommates.”

Regardless, it’s good to hear those 450,000 condoms provided for the Rio Olympics are being put to good use.

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