"I'll Take Care of you Myself," Says Marco Rubio to Alex Jones in Incredibly Stupid Spat

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"I'll Take Care of you Myself," Says Marco Rubio to Alex Jones in Incredibly Stupid Spat

Here, watch this if you must, you depraved consumers of shock politics:

What you just witnessed is Marco Rubio trying to conduct an interview with “normal” media members outside the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings while being screamed at by Alex Jones about his website getting banned by Facebook. Among Jones’ epithets and proclamations in the ensuing showdown:

“Big tech companies are purging conservatives, they’re shadow-banning en masse.”

“Republicans are acting like it isn’t happening…thank God Trump is.”

“Who’s this guy, why are you platforming him?”

“Look at this guy, he’s saying I don’t exist! ... Inforwars.com, you know what it is.”

“Marco Rubio the snake…little frat boy here.”

“Bigger than Rush Limbaugh. He knows who Infowars is.”

“Oh he’ll beat me up! He’s so mad! You won’t silence me. You really are like a gangster thug. Rubio just threatened me.”

“The Democrats are raping Infowars!”

“Infowars.com. Bigger than ever.”

“I wonder why Rubio got so mad and threatened me physically. Poor Rubio.”

“Look at this little frat boy, so cool. Back to your bath house. Compromised in bath houses. There goes Rubio, the little punk.”

That’s some great stuff in just four minutes! At one point, Rubio told him to stop touching him after Jones patted him. When Jones started shouting about getting arrested, Rubio said, “you’re not going to get arrested…I’ll handle you myself.”

For what it’s worth, I bet Rubio could take Jones, a belief based on the time that Jones backed down after confronting Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks. But the real takeaway from this encounter is that the de-platforming of Infowars is working—Jones is going to be reduced to stunts like this one to attract any attention.