A Democratic Representative is Drafting Trump's Impeachment Articles

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A Democratic Representative is Drafting Trump's Impeachment Articles

On the grounds that Trump obstructed justice by firing former FBI Director James Comey, Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) is planning to introduce impeachment articles on the first day of a newly elected congress. Though Sherman drafted these articles once before, back in 2017, this time is different. With a new wave of congresspeople comes a Democratic-controlled House.

“There is no reason it [impeachment] shouldn’t be before the Congress,” Sherman told the Los Angeles Times. “Every day, Donald Trump shows that leaving the White House would be good for our country.”

Sherman, aware that Republicans still control a majority of the government, knows how much of a long shot the push for impeachment is, but he still thinks it’s an important discussion to have. He says “Every member of the House will have to address [the issue] whether there are formal articles of impeachment pending.”

Even among Democrats, though, the issue is up in the air. Speaker Nancy Pelosi said recently that, though she’s not ruling it out, impeachment would be an incredibly divisive move. She stresses that a removal from office should only be the result of a bipartisan agreement, unaffected by politics.

Meanwhile, according to exit polls conducted by CNN, 40 percent of Americans and three quarters of Democrats support Trump’s impeachment. Sherman’s move may not be successful, but it’ll certainly tell us who’s in Trump’s pocket and who’s not.

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