Donald Trump Comes Back at Joe Biden in Twitter Battle Over Who Would Win in a Fistfight

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Donald Trump Comes Back at Joe Biden in Twitter Battle Over Who Would Win in a Fistfight

It’s really something special when our political leaders take to social media to fight one another. It used to be great when Twitter was solely the place of insane celebrity feuds, like when Amanda Bynes went off on Rihanna for no reason or when Nicki Minaj called out Taylor Swift over a music video bringing a firestorm of responses, or that time Chloe Grace Moretz and Bette Midler ridiculed Kim Kardashian’s nude Twitter post. Nevertheless, our illustrious and quite colorful president has his fair share of ridiculous Twitter feuds and keeps pounding them out one Tweet at a time.

This one surprisingly, started by former Vice President Joe Biden, shows Trump as the subject of a short-lived Twitter battle where Biden didn’t even come up to bat on the platform. Oh boy did Trump respond, though. CNN anchor Jake Tapper provided a summary, details and background for the entirely all too brief feud.

Apparently it began in a Washington Post article where both Trump and Biden fantasized about who would win in a fistfight. Yes, we can’t believe this is actually a real discussion either. This sounds like something out of the show VEEP. Biden said his thoughts in the article and Trump responded via Twitter. It’s as simple and as stupid as that. Tapper offers his thoughts and puts them both in their place after citing his father-in-law, who was a real Vietnam vet. Let’s be honest though, Biden vs. Trump in a fistfight? Who cares? Chuck Norris would beat the crap out of both of them.

You can view Tapper’s reporting on it the below.

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