Trump's New Campaign Strategy: Hide All the Bad Polls

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Trump's New Campaign Strategy: Hide All the Bad Polls

Just a couple weeks ahead of his re-election campaign, President Trump is showing his true colors.

An internal poll of 17 states by Trump’s campaign pollster Tony Fabrizio showed some not so great ratings for the president (who would’ve thought?), so the “extremely stable genius” hatched a plan to…lie about the findings, according to The New York Times.

Trump instructed his aides to say he was, in fact, more favorable than Democratic contender Joe Biden in some key states, when that’s far from the truth.

Adding fuel to the dumpster fire that is Trump’s re-election campaign (even though this shindig hasn’t even begun officially), Trump is not only trailing Biden in key states like Michigan, Texas and Pennsylvania, but is also lagging in some crucial Rust Belt states.

Doing just what was told, Trump’s campaign manager blew the poll findings off as “selectively leaked information” based on “a subset of questions asked,” according to The New York Times.

In an already peculiar campaign, Trump has decided he doesn’t need a new campaign slogan and that “Make America Great Again” plus the added “Keep America Great” is going to get him back into the White House…because America is so great right now, right?

By focusing on his own approval numbers (and we can see how that’s going) instead of other things, Trump isn’t talking about what he wants to accomplish in a second term. It’s worth noting that his first campaign’s biggest hope was to establish “The Wall’ and we all know how that went.

The stable genius may keep the White House—we live in “interesting” times—but he may want to stop lying about polls if that’s his goal.

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