Trump Threatens to Close the Southern Border if He Doesn't Get Wall Money

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Trump Threatens to Close the Southern Border if He Doesn't Get Wall Money

Our xenophobic president Donald Trump is threatening to close the southern border if he’s not given funding for his border wall. The decree comes down from exactly where you’d guess: Twitter. His malicious ignorance toward finding a real solution to immigration issues presents itself now more than ever as he makes his statement shortly after two children died following their detention by the Customs and Border Protection Agency…which, by the way, is considering asking several other government agencies for financial help. Instead of giving that plea for help an iota of consideration, though, he does this:

Rather than revamp the immigration system or redistribute funds to prevent more children from dying while under U.S. protection, Trump wants to push those problems, those human beings, further out of the realm of his responsibility. In fact, he goes on to call the potential border closure a “profit building operation.”

He’s also planning to cut off aid to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, countries asylum seekers are trying to escape. Trump says those countries “are doing nothing for the United States but taking our money.”, which demonstrates a profound misunderstanding of the situation. Less aid money means less help for those living there, means more migrant seekers escaping those countries and making their way here. Trump’s strategy is idiotic and illogical. If Congress doesn’t agree to fund the wall, a waste of money aimed at keeping asylum seekers out, then Trump may close the border and suffocate countries that rely on our financial help as they try to better themselves so that fewer migrants are forced to escape.

Trump is quick to blame Democrats for the lack of funding despite the fact that Republicans, still, are in control of all three branches of the government. It’s not the Democrats’ fault the wall doesn’t have money; that falls on all of Congress. Trump is playing on a team by himself, but doesn’t want to admit it.

The government has been shut down since last Friday because Trump is, more than anything, a sadistic child trying to please his followers, evidenced when he refused to sign a budget that didn’t include billions of dollars for his half baked border wall idea. As a result, 420,000 federal employees are working without pay and 380,000 are furloughed. Trump doesn’t talk about those people. He doesn’t talk about the children who died because we couldn’t protect them. He talks about what he wants and what MAGA wants.

Trump doesn’t want to solve the immigration problem. He wants to kill it.

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