Marco Rubio Introduces a Bill to Tackle the Important Issue of Daylight Saving Time

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Marco Rubio Introduces a Bill to Tackle the Important Issue of Daylight Saving Time

Wednesday has been a day of important issues facing the nation coming to the forefront. Thousands of students walked out of their schools and marched on the White House in protest of NRA influence in Washington, and the president stated he would be open to short-term immigration protections for DACA recipients. Not content to be left out of the political dialogue of the day, Sen. Marco Rubio announced he is spearheading his own important legislative movement by introducing two bills focused on an issue every single American wrestles with: daylight saving time.

Yes, as a multitude of proponents for gun control turned their back on the White House, the Florida Senator introduced two bills to the Senate focused on making daylight saving time year-round for the entire nation. The move follows his home state’s decision last week to adopt daylight saving time year-round. The “Sunshine Protection Act” would make daylight saving time permanent nationwide, and the “Sunshine State Act” would allow Florida’s decision to remain on daylight saving time to stand, despite the rest of the nation falling back in November. The second is necessary as Florida’s legislative decision cannot take effect under federal law.

Rubio’s introduction of the two bills, one day after Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and his top aide were unceremoniously fired by the president, actually has a debate around it. Those in support point that more daylight would strengthen the economy and allow more time for outdoor leisure activities. (So many activities.) Opponents of the move say that the decision could endanger children who would arrive and drive to school in the dark due to the time shift and the schedules of many different industries, most notably television and airports, would be thrown into chaos if Florida broke with the national trend.

Florida, who in the same week finally passed a law to ban child marriage in the state, would be the first state to adopt daylight saving time permanently if Gov. Rick Scott signs the bill. Two other states, Hawaii and Arizona, do not recognize daylight saving time at all.

Good to know the important issues aren’t ringing deaf in the ears of our legislatures.

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