The Republicans Chose to Become the Party of Child Molesters

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The Republicans Chose to Become the Party of Child Molesters

This is now the GOP’s brand. Sure, not all of them are child molesters (as far as we know), but this Roy Moore saga is proof that abusing a child is not a disqualifying trait for holding Republican office—so at minimum, the Republican Party are child molester sympathizers. By backing out of supporting Roy Moore, the GOP publicly acknowledged that they knew it was a bad idea, and jumping back in to support him proves that they still don’t care about endorsing this bad idea so long as the ends justify the means. There is no doubt in my mind that the GOP would elect Charles Manson over the Pope, since Manson is far more likely to vote to cut taxes on the wealthy.

I have lived my entire (((Jewish))) life (don’t forget, the GOP is also the Party of Nazi sympathizers) listening to the Republican Party lecture me about how not adhering to their version of Christianity made me a sinner, and any endorsement of modernity would surely send me to hell. Any time a transgendered person needs to go to the bathroom, the GOP gets up on their soapbox, puts on their best Helen Lovejoy impression, and squeals “won’t someone please think of the children???”

Well, ask and ye shall receive. That’s Roy Moore’s entire modus operandi, and the Republican Party is willingly backing him. You see, to some Republicans, it’s OK to molest a child so long as that molester identifies with the gender they were born as, but the moment that someone begins to think they may be different, then it’s apparently disqualifying to molest children.

Here’s a thought experiment: what if Roy Moore was born a woman, but later decided he was a man, and still perpetrated all these crimes? Is his child molestation disqualifying then? Because that seems to be the only difference between what the Republicans preach and what they practice with this shell of a human being. Roy Moore is proof that there is no such thing as a moral compass in the Republican Party, and this group of geriatrics simply wants to burn down modern society, all so their favored billionaire donors will give them a pat on the head and if they’re really good, a belly rub.

It’s hard to tell if the Republican party is more evil or stupid, since they set new records in both categories on a daily basis. This is a perfect metaphor for these manbabies pretending to be grownups.

If Zinke screwing up his carefully crafted image for public consumption is a metaphor for the modern GOP, then this Oklahoma state Senator is their mascot.

This Moore stuff isn't even new for the GOP, lest we forget that the longest-serving Republican Speaker of the House admitted to sexually molesting boys. The Republican Party has a deep insecurity that cuts to the very question of their humanity. They know that they have lost the culture wars, so they drag the battlefield in to the political arena, but once we uncover the rot at the heart of their politics, it becomes clear why they're losing the culture wars, so they push for more extreme political measures—all in order to maintain some amorphous standard of morality that doesn't apply to them. These atavistic dinosaurs provide oxygen to the insane conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton ran a child sex dungeon out of a pizza shop, then heartily endorse a child molester. If your brain operates with a modicum amount of logic, you'd see how the GOP repudiates their own positions before they can even finish their sentence.

But Republicans don't operate off of logic, they operate off of grievance. They only care about funneling America's middle and poor classes into a wood chipper that spits them out on to a bed of caviar in the Goldman Sachs executive boardroom, and they have created a culture where their voters only care about “trolling the libs.” They then manipulate this anger, stupidity and confusion to enact hyper-corporatist policies that would never be able to win an election on their own merits, and when they inevitably blow up the deficit, the GOP moves to slash funding for the most vulnerable in society in order to pay for their largesse. Child molestation isn't the only topic where this party is morally bankrupt.

Even the “moderates” in the Republican Party are not moderates. Here, Ben’s Ass is describing a medical procedure that does not exist as he describes it AND is already illegal as he describes it—all in the name of establishing a false equivalence between a child molester and abortion in order to stealthily support the child molester. There are no moderate Congressional Republicans—only a group of septuagenarians willing to burn this country to the ground in the name of the Almighty Tax Cut. This stance has led them to become a party willingly supporting a child molester, and they should be branded with this craven move for the rest of eternity.

Jacob Weindling is a staff writer for Paste politics. Follow him on Twitter at @Jakeweindling.