British Radio Show Faces Possible Investigation After Steve Bannon's Explosive Off-Air Rant

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British Radio Show Faces Possible Investigation After Steve Bannon's Explosive Off-Air Rant

A British radio show called Leading Britain’s Conversation is facing a possible investigation from the British broadcast regulator Ofcom after a heated interview with Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon. Ofcom has since received 36 formal complaints over the recording.

The tirade took place off-air after a Sunday phone interview with Bannon led by Nigel Farage. During the interview on Farage’s LBC radio show, Bannon called the British far-right leader Tommy Robinson a “solid guy.” Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was sentenced to a 13-month prison term for contempt of court after recording a Facebook Live video outside of Leeds Crown Court on May 25. A Section 4 (2) order made it illegal to publish information on the case, in any format, until the trial was over.

However, Bannon hailed Robinson on Farage’s radio show. “I don’t think he’s a bad guy,” Bannon said. “I think he’s a solid guy and I think he’s got to be released from prison.” LBC’s political editor pointed out that Robinson had broken the law, to which Bannon replied, “A lot of people would say that that law is too restrictive.” These comments align with those of the hundreds of violent British protestors who support Trump and are calling for Robinson’s release.

Bannon proceeded ask Underwood, “Are you a news guy? You’ve got to go a lot better.” Underwood said, “I’m calling you out on something.” In the end, Bannon said, “I take the view as well that Tommy broke the law.” However, once the show was over, Bannon, Usherwood and Farage’s explosive exchange was caught by microphones.

Usherwood later tweeted about the incident:

The Former Ukip advisor and Brietbart London editor Raheem Kassam was also present in the studio when the off-air argument took place. However, he was not authorized to be in the studio during the interview. He did not deny that the incident took place how Usherwood described it although, he attacked Usherwood for tweeting “off-the-record conversations.”

Usherwood responded:

Kassam has since been told to leave LBC after his unauthorized intrusion during the Bannon interview and his complaints following the incident. Sources at LBC said the incident is a “red-hot issue” at the station. Other said, “Two colleagues have been abused and we’re just sitting and waiting for management to take some action.”