Will Ted Cruz's Cowardly Endorsement of Trump Hurt the Zodiac Killer's Brand?

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Okay, here’s what we know:

1. Earlier today, it came out that Ted Cruz would be reversing months of vigorous opposition to his party’s presidential nominee, and giving his full support to Donald Trump. He made it official on his Facebook page later in the afternoon, with a lot of verbiage about how Hillary Clinton is worse than the guy trying to become America’s Mussolini.

2. This is widely seen as the weakest move he could possibly make, considering Trump has insulted his wife, called him a “pussy,” implied that his dad killed JFK, and generally been a dick to Trump for the entire campaign. As Ashley Feinberg at Deadspin put it, Cruz is essentially cucking himself. Or as the first commenter on that post said, “I guess it’s a smart move to slip this in on a Friday afternoon, but man, why not just chop your balls off and mail them to the guy?”

3. The Zodiac Killer’s brand is based on mystery and fear.

Now, there has been vigorous debate over the past year as to whether Cruz is the Zodiac Killer, and there has been no conclusive proof presented either way, but many people believe the two men are one and the same. Which raises the fair question: Now that Cruz has cucked himself, and proven that he’s a craven lickspittle without even the faintest of principles, much less the backbone to defend a guy who has personally bullied him for months…what does that say about the Zodiac? Is he also a total invertebrate? Will we think of him as a sniveling, ogre-faced weakling from now on?

Again, we can’t say definitively that Cruz is the Zodiac Killer, but if enough people start to believe something, perception is reality. And so this election presents us with another fascinating question: Now that Cruz’s reputation is worse than garbage, will he take the famed serial killer down with him?

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