"You Made Winning MAJORS Look Easy" Tweets Trump, At Golfer Who Has Never Won a Major

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Colin Montgomerie is a legendary Scottish golfer and a national icon. He’s a 49-time tournament winner, a Ryder Cup stalwart, and a hall-of-famer. What he’s most known for, however, is being the greatest golfer in history to never win a “major”—one of professional golf’s four annual flagship events, by which legacies are judged. In fact, he finished as the runner-up in major championships five times—twice falling short in a playoff—and has arguably suffered more heartbreak than any professional golfer who has ever lived.

Which made this tweet by Donald Trump, sent Friday night after Montgomerie visited his Trump Turnberry course in southwestern Scotland, so hysterical:


Now, it’s distantly possible that Trump was talking about Montgomerie’s three major wins on the senior circuit, but nobody cares about the senior tour, so it’s doubtful. And even if that were the case, Trump should have been sensitive to the fact that any golf fan reading the tweet would immediately think, “oh yeah, Montgomerie…that’s the Scottish guy who never won a major.” Instead of exercising caution, though, he put the sensitive material in all-caps—which, now that I think about it, is a terrific metaphor for Trump’s entire candidacy.