You Won't Believe This, But Trump Used "We Are the Champions" Without Queen's Permission

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In the shocker of all shockers, Donald Trump’s use of Queen’s “We Are the Champions” at last night’s Republican National Convention was apparently not on the up-and-up:

It’s hard to believe that a conservative politician would have used popular music without asking the artist, only to be rebuked by that artist afterward, but it seems to have happened in Cleveland last night.

Oh wait…this happens literally all the f’ing time. It’s amazing that there are no legal consequences that might prohibit this from happening, but that seems to be the world we’re living in—use the song, ask questions later. Even when it’s bracingly clear to anyone with a brain that most popular rock bands would not, in a million years, willingly give their songs to Republican politicians.

Oh well. This is probably the least of our concerns, vis-a-vis Trump.