Bayern Munich Wishes You A Merry Christmas

Soccer Video Bayern Munich
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Bayern Munich has been a thing of brilliance thus far this season, and so too has its YouTube channel. With Christmas upon us and a New Year right around the corner, the club took time away from its busy schedule to film a video Christmas card for all of its fans out there on the internets. Not surprisingly, it doesn’t disappoint.

Highlights from the video include:

  • Arjen Robben somehow manages to be the only Bayern player who doesn’t get talked into wearing a Santa hat and club shirt (I assume this … ahem … clause … is somewhere in his contract).
  • Frank Ribery wishing everyone a happy holiday in gibberish, just to see if his teammates notice that it isn’t, in fact, French.
  • Mehdi Benatia being thoroughly confused by the entire scene, and by what (I assume) were English lyrics written out phonetically so that he could sing along.
  • You can now add “the entire Bayern Munich squad” to ever-expanding list of people around the globe who aren’t entirely sure what figgy pudding is.
  • The majority of players near the end of the video being hilariously amused/confused by the mere speaking of both Dutch and Polish.