Watch Brendan Rodgers Deftly Handle the Press

Soccer Video
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It’s Monosyllabic Managerial Response Week here at Paste. On Monday, we brought you Louis van Gaal’s ever-so-brief response to a question regarding Manchester United’s plans for the January transfer window. Today, it’s Brendan Rodgers’ turn.

The Liverpool manager was fielding questions following his side’s 4-1 demolition of Swansea, when he was given quite a rambler. A reporter in the press conference asked, “Brendan, just on the incident with [Federico] Fernandez and Raheem [Sterling], Fernandez seemed, during the game, to be trying to wind up Raheem, which is what central defenders do to strikers as part of the game. Is that an important lesson for Raheem? The FA may well sanction him for raising hands. They seem to be kind of zero tolerance on that at the moment. Is that an important lesson that he has to control that, no matter what the provocation?” And to that 20-second dissertation, Rodgers had a brilliantly simple response.