Watch Zenit's Hulk Ride Three Slide Tackles to Score in the Champions League

Soccer Video Champions League
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Zenit Saint Petersburg’s Brazilian striker Hulk lived up to his name today when three Standard Liege defenders attempted to stop him with a slide tackle, and all three failed.

Hulk hurdles the first attempt and does the old run-around move to evade the second attempt. The third slide-tackler actually times it nicely and connects with the ball … only for it to bounce off Hulk as the unstoppable striker continues his rampage toward goal.

Zenit won the Champions League play-off round second-leg game 3-0, making it 4-0 on aggregate, more than good enough to put Hulk and Zenit in the pot for Thursday’s Champions League group stage draw.

Want to watch it again and again in GIF form? Go ahead. But doesn’t matter how many times you watch, those Standard Liege slide tackles are never going to stop him.

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