Sergio Ramos Gave His Shirt To A Fan In Exchange For Some Pork

Soccer News
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On Sunday night, Real Madrid hosted Real Sociedad in a midseason La Liga clash. The home side won 3-0 because, well, it’s Real Madrid.

But the big story from the evening happened after the full-time whistle.

While Madrid players were taking their bows before the fans, Sergio Ramos ran over to the stands to give his shirt to a lucky supporter. After a moment or so of deliberation, Ramos received an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Pork. Sweet, sweet pork.

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A fan really did offer Sergio Ramos a package of pork in exchange for his shirt. Lomo en manteca, specifically— pork fried in lard and seasoned with salt and various spices, a delicacy from the region in southern Spain where the fan hails from. Ramos agreed, threw the shirt, asked for the pork (twice!), took the package from a steward who facilitated the hand-off, and then gleefully trotted off with the salted meat.

Admit it— you’d do the exact same thing. (Unless you don’t eat meat, I guess. Which is totally cool.)